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Building Stronger Communities

B Developments specializes in real estate development through property identification, product definition, construction management, product marketing and disposition programs of residential and mixed-use properties as a subsidiary of B Group, LLC, a family-owned real estate conglomerate.

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A track record built on decades of trust, resilience, and success.


B Developments’ projects range from residential development of condos, multifamily and luxury single family homes to retail and office commercial assets. We provide investors, partners and clients a comprehensive and specialized process with market research, sophisticated analytic tools, access to funding sources and proven performance.


We oversee the development process as experienced General Partners conducting in-depth market analysis identifying the best use for the property and the optimal capital stack for any sort of residential, commercial, or land development nationwide.


We provide construction management services for all of our developments. This entails working alongside partners, architects, and contractors to determine the best possible sequence of construction operations to deliver the project on time, at or under budget.


B Developments will listen intently to the owner and create a schedule and budget to match it exactly. Drawing upon industry knowledge we will make recommendations on design and architecture as to respect the owner’s visions while navigating the local bureaucracies and construction community for a seamless development process.